Sunday, November 16, 2008


Check out our END OF SEASON SALES!!! Grab it before its all GONE!!!


Status: Available


Status: Available




Status: Available


Status: Available


RM 30
Status: Available

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Stay Tune For More Cool and Funky Stuff!!!!

Retro Maxi

Check out our cool retro maxi... sunflowers in blue/ red and yellow... smoking hot baby!!! Grab it fast!!!!
RM 50
Status: All sold out

Dressy Dressy Special

Vintage Inspired Dresses
RM 40
Status: All Sold Out

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Polka Dottie

White & Black

Cute ribboned shaped neckline

Great spaghetti strap top for a day out with your friends. The material is light cotton and the bow is just smashing…. Got to have it

Fits Size S-M
Come in Grey and Black
Imported from Japan

RM 30

Victorian Secret

Cute ruffly sleeves

This cute black cotton top is a fashion must have. You can wear it to work or for a fun day under the sun. Pair it with colored skinnies or jeans and we ensure that you will look stunning. Love love the sleeves J

Fits Size S-M
Imported from Japan


Fairy Petals

For a more demure look

Tighten the ribbon for a sexier look

Flower print tops/dress is an essential to every girl wardrobe. We bring you this adorable flower print spaghetti strap dress. The bustier part is adjustable and who the patchwork material? Is just out of this world

Fits Size S-L
Imported from Japan


Secret Garden

The hot new guy have finally asked you out but *horror-horror* you have nothing to wear? Don’t fret we found the perfect solution, wear this top with a pair of skinnies and a cute cardigan for the more demure look or go wild and wear it as a dress and go crazy with strands of pearl ala Gossip Girls….

Fits Size S
Imported from Japan

RM 40

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thanks For Featuring Us...

We've been featured... Thanks dear!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Retro Minilicious

Check out the hot bell sleeves
Colour Block: Black/Orange/Hot Pink

Colour Block: White/Green/Black

The current fashion must have this season “the bright & colorful shirtdress”. Similar design is seen on the likes of Kate Moss & Sophia Bush. Pair it with long beaded necklaces, gladiator sandals and your oversize bag and you are ready to go….


Measurement 31 inch
Fits Size S-M (154m-162 cm)
The model is 160 cm
Material of good quality cotton.
Imported from Japan – Lazy Daisy
Status: Black (Sold Out), White (Available)


Red Hot!!!

Classic Brown
Check out the pleats on the chest area and the ribbons are just genius *muackz*

Thank god, it’s always summer in Malaysia. This polka-dot satin empire line dress is perfect for shopping, movies, hanging out and even parties. The big bubble like patterns just reminded us of air bubble… How cute is that? It comes in red and brown, grab yours now!


Fits UK S
Measurement 31 inch (from strap to bottom)

Silky Material
Status: Red (Sold Out), Brown (Available)

Fairytastic Long Cardi Collection

Plain & Beautiful

We believe in simplicity and this long cardi embodies that. Pair it with a shirt, belt it over, and wear it over a dress, anything… It’s so versatile it’s worth every penny….

RM 40

Measurement 31 inch
Size S-M
From Uniqlo Japan

Come in Black & Light Brown
Status: Light Brown (Sold Out), Black (Sold Out)


Black and white stripes are juz so cool and mod, add on the cute overlarge buttons this cardi is just divine. It is made of a stretchy fitting material that trust me hugs every curves. Show off your sexxyyy body baybee....


Measurement 31.5 inch
Size S-M
From Uniqlo Japan

Status: Sold Out

Awesome Tunica

Wear it loose...

Belt it on baybee

Check out the details on the neckline....

The tunic got its name from the Latin tunica commonly worn by both men and women in Ancient Rome, which in turn is based on earlier Greek garments. Fast forward to today, we bring you all the way from Japan, a cute floral tunic. Wear it just like that or pair it with a belt and leggings/skinnies. Awesomeness guaranteed!!!

Measurement: 31 inch
Fits Size S-M
Shell Ray Japan

Material : Chiffon/Flowy Material



Need something funky to wear but don’t feel like making the effort? Throw on this cute shirtdress. You can pair it with a pair of skinnies/leggings or wear it as it is and show of those gorgeous long pints of yours. The ruffles are just too cute, don't you think?
RM 39 *steal*
Fits UK: S-M
Measurement shoulder to ruffles 30 inch
Kil Love Kil –Japan

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sneak Preview!!!

Want your favorite celebrity's look but don't have a celebrity budget? The Fairies bring you the latest fashion finds without breaking the bank. The best part? Some of these clothing items comes straight from Tokyo (tag included as evidence :p) without the added cost. So why not grab one for yourself fast before it's all sold out as only limited stock are flown in to ensure exclusivity...
Drop your comments on our tag board!
Coming SOON to the blog shop near you: The Fairies September Collection 2008
xoxo: The Fairies